7 Tips To Help Settle International Travel Insurance Claims


An international travel insurance may cover leisure, work, and vacation trips worldwide. Single-trip or multi-trip overseas travel insurance is available. To continue policy benefits, the policy must be renewed. Even with sufficient evidence, clients may not be able to file claims with their travel insurance carrier on time. This can delay or deny your travel insurance claim.

Read on to find out how to file travel insurance claims.

Emergencies—medical and accidental

Travel insurance may be needed if you get sick or have had an accident. Travel insurance provides top-notch care and emergency repatriation. Today, you can notify your insurance via email, phone, or missed call. If the claim is accepted, you can receive cashless treatment abroad and save money.

  • Keep your medical records, medications, and payment stubs for simple claim settlement. Date, sign, and stamp all documents.
  • You must file a police FIR report for third-party claims or accidents.
  • You will require insurance and overseas treatment facility fit-to-fly consent for emergency evacuation to your home nation.

Checked baggage delay

Travellers often lose or postpone their luggage.

  • To receive prompt reimbursement for your name, you must present the payment receipts for the basic products you bought owing to the checked-in baggage delay.
  • Get an airline letter confirming baggage loss and delay.
  • To file for international travel insurance reimbursement, you must produce tickets, boarding passes, passports, and baggage delivery receipts to confirm trip dates.
  • After your journey, file your claim and submit all necessary papers.

Passport loss

  • Report the loss to the travel insurance company and file a police FIR.
  • To avoid problems, always carry a passport copy.
  • After returning home, you must submit all passport-related receipts with your claim.
  • Travel insurance providers require identity verification, embassy and passport office receipts, cancelled checks, emergency travel certificates, and replacement passports.


  • Family and health emergencies may need you to cancel or shorten your trip. Travel insurance can cover trip cancellation or curtailment losses.
  • Notify your insurer of any changes or emergencies. This requires proof of travel cancellation or curtailment.
  • Accidents, burglaries, and unexpected passing away necessitate medical bills, police reports, and death certificates.
  • Submit airfare and hotel bookings with the claim form. The insurance company will deny or accept the claim and start the process.

Travel insurance extras

An online travel insurance company can offer other perks. Benefits vary by plan and insurance carrier. However, insurer procedures may vary. Most claims require timely notification to the insurance provider and production of the necessary papers.

  • Personal accident cover: This benefit covers accidental injuries and unexpected passing away. Travel insurance may cover your legal counsel in this instance. Repayment will follow policy terms.
  • Coverage for permanent or total disability: If the insured individual suffers an unintentional injury or disability that permanently damages either limb or vision in one or both eyes, overseas travel insurance may save you. The insurer will pay the policyholder’s nominee if his name is included in the travel insurance plan.
  • Bonus coverage for child education: If the travel insurance firm accepts an unfortunate demise or permanent total disability claim, it may pay 2% of the sum covered for each dependent child. This compensation covers education costs for children under 21 who were studying on the date of the accident.

Overseas travel insurance limitations

The insurance may reject your claim if:

  • Any loss or damage caused by suicide attempt or intentional self-harm due to mental illness or hopelessness
  • Intoxication-related losses
  • Vehicle racing or trial damage


The travel insurance provider’s deadline must be followed to resolve international travel insurance claims. Usually, one to two months following your return. If you provide all the necessary information and documentation while travelling, the insurer may settle your claim immediately for usa travel insurance.

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