Finding The One – How To Choose A Clinical Trial Partner


With many CROs available today, choosing the right one for your clinical trial can be a daunting task. However, with a set of qualities for a partner in your oncology trial design, you can easily choose a reliable clinical trial partner like Veristat who will help you achieve the best results. Keep in mind that conducting a clinical trial is at times an overwhelming experience therefore it’s important to have a reliable partnership. Furthermore, partnerships are all about trust and reliability and may take time to be nurtured. Below are factors that can help you choose the right partner for your clinical trial.

STrong Financial Capacity

Implementing oncology clinical trial design requires huge financial investments. Therefore, you have to choose a partner with the financial capability to cater to all the financial needs of the trial. Before settling on one, perform a background check to verify that your chosen partner will not run into financial struggles in the middle of the trial. Be sure to check whether there’s revenue growth and if previous trials experienced any financial challenges. By doing so, you’ll be making sure you’re in a partnership with a financially stable CRO. As a result, you’ll be assured that your clinical trials will yield the results you wished for.

Industry Experience

There’s no better way to choose the right partner for your clinical trial than to consider their industry experience. You should consider working with a team that understands the challenges involved during clinical trials. You’d want to consider the number of years they have been in the industry and the number of successful clinical trials they have conducted. This way, you’ll be sure you’re choosing the right clinical trial partners. Additionally, you should choose partners who have the technical know-how in terms of data collection, management systems, and drug administration.

Technological Know-how

With the rise of pandemic cases, it’s more necessary for you to choose CRO with the technical know-how for the sake of virtual clinical trials. Ensure that your team knows how to operate data collection software and integrated management systems.

Staff Retention

The right clinical trial partner should be the one that can retain staff for the long term. It doesn’t help to work with different staff every other time throughout the clinical trial. Since they don’t know much about your project, you might find yourself spending a lot of time and resources on training. You want a committed team who will gain experience while conducting the clinical trials to the end. This way, you’re sure to invest time and resources in the right persons for your project to succeed.


Conducting clinical trials requires commitment and the ability to respond quickly to any challenges along the way. Therefore, you need to choose a partner who is ready to provide quick solutions to the problems at hand. Furthermore, choose researchers, data collection specialists, and system managers who are ready to adjust themselves to the current situation. By doing so, you’re placing your clinical trials on the pathway to success.

Choosing a CRO to work with requires careful examination. Therefore, you should evaluate the CROs experience, responsiveness, and employee retention to ensure successful completion of your clinical trials

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