How to Make Your Laundry Equipment Last Longer


When needed, laundry equipment will require proper cleaning and maintenance, including replacing laundry parts from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts.

But beyond that, there are more simple tips to follow, so your laundry equipment lasts longer, running as well as it did when you first bought it. Here are what you, your staff, and customers should start following:

  • Avoid Overloading

When customers or staff are using the laundry machine, they should never overload the washing machine. While this may seem like a time-saver and more convenient, it can actually do more harm than good, especially to your machine. When laundry machines are overloaded during most wash cycles, it shortens its life cycle because of the more significant wear on the mechanical parts.

Make sure you put up signs for customers and staff to see how to use the laundry machines well. It should include the load recommendations and gentle reminders to check their clothes’ pockets and remove all wet clothes right after every load.

  • Use High-Quality Detergent

If your laundry business also includes detergent and fabric softener in its service package, ensure that you offer high-quality products. You also need to use this wisely during each load of laundry.

People tend to put too much detergent on the washing machine, even if machines would most likely have a marker for how much detergent is best for every load. Besides purchasing well-known detergent safe on clothes and the machine, help keep customers and staff aware about the amounts to use.

As for the dryer, avoid using many dryer sheets, which does similar damage as using too much detergent in washing machines. It leaves an unwanted layer of residue on the dryer, affecting its lifespan and performance, along with the clothes it dries.

If not followed, your machines may end up having broken components that will need to be replaced with alliance laundry parts.

  • Avoid Liquid Fabric Softener

Liquid fabric softeners can leave behind residue on clothes. It might feel like the clothes feel softer, but they actually aren’t cleaned well with this product. You end up with coats that trap grime and odor, preventing performance features in modern fabrics and workout clothes.

This isn’t necessarily a tip for your laundry machine to last longer, but it’s a notable one so your customers can enjoy spotless clothes and towels.

  • Use Full Washer Loads

Just like overloading machines, you should never underload them. It’s best to wash with full loads at all times for the sake of your laundry machine’s lifespan.

Not only will underloaded machines negatively affect the machine’s lifespan, but your utility bills, too. You use a similar amount of water and electricity for fewer clothes, which will have your utility bills shoot up significantly, especially if staff and customers do this often.

Wrapping It Up

Keep these tips in mind as you orient staff and customers about how to use laundry equipment. It can lengthen the lifespan and optimum performance of your laundry equipment for the long term.

Pax Heber
the authorPax Heber