Tips for Using Devops Services


Devops, is a set of software development methodologies which focuses on “de-duplication, elimination of non-critical configuration information, and data migration”. These practices aim to provide businesses with more agility in managing their systems, by removing unnecessary and redundant tasks.

It helps them cut costs by avoiding unnecessary infrastructure costs and efforts. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and Twitter have widely used Devops Services. Facebook develops tools are even available for third-party applications like Evernote and Flickr.

This technology is considered as the best practices of configuration management. The concepts of this methodology are quite similar to the principles of Dev DNS and SLA. The difference lies in the fact that it applies not only to the management of servers and devices within an organization, but also the application of this strategy at the user end, specifically on the network level. Develops tools focus on providing a standardized approach to running services and enables developers and operators to rapidly converge on the desired business goals.

There are two schools of thoughts that drive this technology. The first school is dominated by IT veterans who have long been using custom software for configuration management. The second school includes young companies that want to adopt the best practices. The former includes Facebook, Twitter and Amazon among others. Both have adapted these techniques to their respective businesses.

Pax Heber
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