What Aspects To Consider For Avoiding Amazon Account Suspension


Are you a third-party seller on the amazing Amazon Marketplace? Find below a few essential warnings for you.

Changing your bank account information at the time when the retail giant comes out with the latest security measure might result in your amazon suspended account. Therefore, when contemplating the protection of you and the third-party sellers from regular hackers, Amazon has designed a Two-Step Verification or 2-SV program. It would add a layer of security to your account. Moreover, it would help you avoid the reason to file the amazon suspension appeal.

Therefore, at the moment, the company does not welcome any minor or significant changes that you might consider making to your bank account details. Rest assured that non-compliance would result in your facing the consequences of an amazon suspended account. In case, sellers whose accounts have been suspended had to wait for numerous hours or even weeks to be reinstated after filing an amazon suspension appeal.

Numerous reasons have been associated with why you would look forward to changing the information on your bank account. However, none of the reasons include holding it off for some time. Rest assured that it would not serve you well. Closing your existing account along with opening a new one could be considerably worse. Therefore, avoid doing it at all. Despite other sellers having been gloating that they have successfully updated their bank accounts without facing any repercussions, a larger percentage of them would be crying later for their act.

In the event, your bank has performed a system upgrade and changed your bank account number automatically; it would be in your best interest to discuss with them to activate your new number after the dust has settled. It would be prudent that Amazon does not spot a discrepancy in your bank account that you have linked to your seller account. Rest assured that you might have to face amazon suspended account consequences without prior notification. In such a scenario, and without any fault, you could resort to filing an amazon suspension appeal.

After you have enabled 2-SV in your central seller account, rest assured that the job of the hackers would become immensely difficult, if not ineffective. The added security layer would need you to enter a security code apart from your login details when you sign in to your account. Consider receiving a security code through email, text message, or an authenticator app from Google downloaded to your phone. Amazon encourages all sellers on their marketplace to make the most of 2-SV in the least possible time possible. It would prevent any potential attacks that you might face.

Amazon believes that numerous bad actors have been available in the online realm lurking to hack your seller account. It would be in your best interest to use 2-SV as a vital security measure that sellers should enable and keep in their toolbox rather than waiting when it becomes a requirement. It would assist you in avoiding dealing with amazon suspended account consequences. However, if you have faced amazon account suspension, consider looking forward to filing an amazon suspension appeal.

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