What Do New Employees Need Before Beginning Onboard?


When you welcome someone new into your team, expect him/her to be vulnerable, a bit nervous, and eager to please. Unfortunately, many businesses would expect new hires to exceed expectations within weeks with only minimal training to back them up!

There’s more to training than giving them an employee handbook and a quick tour of the office before work. It’s through taking the right courses, learning what the work culture is like, how to start working and gaining momentum, as well as compliance training from platforms like True Office Learning!

Read on to see what new employees need before they begin going onboard:

  • Compliance

Compliance training courses are a basic and necessary aspect of the job. This includes orienting the new hire about the company rules and policies, along with legal procedures mandated by the law. Here, you talk about the dress code, where to report misconduct, the types of misconduct in the office, clock-in procedures, along government policies (HIPAA, anti-harassment, and the like).

Don’t just show them a video or give the bare minimum with compliance, as this deals with everyone’s privacy and security. Make sure that the new employee is aware of what is allowed and what shouldn’t be done, both in and out of the office. It will protect them, your company and the clients involved.

  • Clarification

Regardless of how qualified and experienced a new employee is, they will need clarification regarding their job requirements. Break it down for new employees so they know what the company and their bosses expect of them.

Other than a breakdown of the job requirements and expectations include the summary of your company organizational structure, with information on who’s in charge of what and who the new employee reports to. Doing this will lessen the confusion on what the new employee should do, who to ask questions to, and to know the company and its people a bit better.

  • Culture

Give new employees a sense of what the company culture is like. Are there any official and unspoken norms in the office? How do you value work ethics? What leadership is expected from new hires from their managers and supervisors? Clear all this out so your new employee knows what to expect not only in the job position but around the workplace.

  • Connection

It isn’t enough that the new employee knows who’s who based on the organizational structure. He/she also need to network and meet the people in the workspace, especially the team he will be working with! Networking is crucial and they should be able to network with his team and other employees for better cooperation and to get information as needed.

It isn’t only about work, but new employees need to connect with other people and form relationships, which gives a human meaning as they report for work each day.

Wrapping It Up

Proper employee training won’t only help your business, but it will help the new hires and have them feel welcome, ready to take on their position.

Pax Heber
the authorPax Heber